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Updated: June 16, 2007

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Mowlana Hazar Imam's 60th Birthday - December 13, 1996
      Calligraphy denotes "Ali" Ali in Arabic Script

Expressing the Love for Mowlana Hazar Imam

Ya Ali Madad Everyone,

Our beloved Hazar Imam's birthday is only 30 days away and we at the Ismaili Web would like to invite our spiritual brothers and sisters to don their thinking caps, and pen their love for our cherished Imam-e-Zaman in the form of essays, poems, or narrative, stories that have made your love grow, let your imagination run.The first entry received will receive a Video Tape of Hazar Imam's
Tajikistan visit where in he was the guest of the President. And all entries
will be also be rewarded by an electronic photo and a .wav recording of the
Salwaat for your continued dhikr at the computer.

Multiple entries are encouraged and Religious Education Teachers and Parents
may want to encourage their children to join. What we want to do is give a
gift of love and unity to Hazar Imam.

Here is my contribution:

The Light of Allah

By Nina Nazneen Jaffer
        "Allah was a mystery... 
         'I was a hidden treasure 
         And yearned to be known, 
         Therefore I created the world' 1 
         He created man 
         And breathed of His spirit unto him 
         Now, He is more of a mystery... 
         We are told 'Allah is everywhere' 
         Yet He is nowhere to be seen. 
         Ikra! Read! I search... 
         'I'm closer than your jugular vein' 
         He reveals in the Holy Quran 
         I search for a hidden message and find: 

         'Light upon Light, Allah guides to His 
         Light whom He pleases' 2 
         Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah 
         For including me in the community 
         That is guided by the Light 
         Sent with Prophet Muhammad 
         As a mercy to mankind 
         Our Intercessor on the Day of Judgement 
         Our beloved Imam-e-Zaman 

         Allahuma salle Allah 
         Muhammadin wa Aley Muhammad" 

                 1. Hadith Kudsi 
                 2. Quran 24:35



By Dilshad Dayani 

We humans, idols of error live in Lord's Constant care, 
But how frequent do we give this true feeling its due share? 
Since the creation of this beautiful Universe, 
Series of nourishing guidance has always been of importance. 
As humans tend to be forgetful and passionate, 
So to remind them of their purpose innate; 
Allah sent holy prophets to bless us with profound light, 
Among folks were who embraced it at their hearts sight. 
For the last prophet at Gadir-e-Khum proclaimed it clearly, 
That you will not go astray if you love Mowla Ali dearly; 
Prophethood will end and Imamat will lead, 
To shower the grace which the faithfuls need. 
Thus greeting this memorable day with our hearts rejoicing, 
Thanking ardently to Almighty Allah for providing; 
Imamats institution for enlightening our soul, 
And contemporarily guiding how to fulfil the secular role. 
Hold fast the rope of Allah and love our fellow beings, 
"Love" is the only present wrapped with good deeds; 
Obedience to Mowla increases our strength, giving sense of gratitude, 
To attain humility in success and gain fortitude. 
No way, my pen can ever inscribe the ineffable, 
Infinite favors with which momins have made it attainable; 
Yes, the true happiness for which we all long for, 
Can be attained if endeavours towards it becomes our life's core. 
So, lets renew our commitment to strive for that balance, 
Doing every act with our hearts beating of His Omnipresence; 
13th December 1996 we wish our 49th Imam the 61st commencing year, 
Earnestly pray our hearts always filled with His love so dear & near. 


Transliteration and English rendition of Qasida
   Dam hama dam Ali Ali   By Mowlana Rumi                English Rendition by  Arif Babul
Saki e ba wafa manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali       ... 1 

Sufi e ba safa manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 2  

Ashike Murtaza manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 3 

Mutribe khushnava manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 4  

Adam ba safa tueen, 
Yusufe mah laka tueen  ... 5 

Khidhre rahe khuda tueen, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 6 

Shahe shariyatam tueen, 
pire tariqotam tueen   ... 7 

Haq ba hakikatam tueen, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 8 

Ham dame sayeedul basher,  
raj e shamshul qamar   ... 9 

Babe shabirro ham shabbar, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 10 

Sayeede sarware karam, 
goft bato ay ibne am   ... 11  

Lahamak lahmi  dammak dammi, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 12  

Ayah e Innama barat,  
taje la fata sarat     ... 13 

Shamsh gulame Kambarat, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 14

A humble poet, I am, Let me be your muse drink of me 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 
A Sufi, I am, Pure of heart 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

A lover, I am, of Murtaza Ali 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

My joy uncontained, I am in song 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

Adam the Pure be you, 
Yusuf the Beautiful too 

Tis you who's Khidr's guide 
 In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

His teacher, his inspiration 
Lord, Lawgiver, Teacher, True Guide 

Truth be, you are the Truth; the Absolute 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

Faithful Companion, in virtue incomparable  
In whose company pales even the Sun, the moon 

Oh, Father of Hassan, Hussein 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali  

Declared Muhammed, the Most Generous of generous 
My cousin, the son of my uncle 

My flesh is your flesh, my blood your blood 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

You are the Guardian, the Master of believers,  
That the Holy Quran makes clear, 
 Garbed, Crowned, Invincible, Unvanquished 

Shams, your humble servant, your Kambar Gulam, am I  
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

Ya Ali to all, 

Hazar Imam´s birthday is coming soon. 
The happiness is greater than any time before? 
Blessings from him who is above all else. 
Knowing that without Imam world can not exist a sec. 
 .."and we have vested ( the knowledge and authority of) everthing in the 
mainfest Imam (Dua part II) 
                             .....One should think what else he blessed to us. 
                             The water, the air, the whole world with all it´s belongings 
                             Is that all that he blessed to us, 
                             Or is that all that we realize it for now? 

The purpose of being here is: 
                                        loving him, 
                                        Reconizing him, 
                                        And finding back to him 
where we all came from (Asal makan) 
" inaa lelaahe wa inaa elaihe raajeoon" 
 we came from Allah and go back to Allah (From Coran) 
In every funeral we hear this. 
if this seems clear, so go ahead, 
if this seems not clear ask the Q. and find the answers 
Because those who ask the Q. get the answer. 
 Who really we are 
                                        all of us, whom he created 
                                        we are part of him, 
                                        noori Khoda 
 We do not see. Because our sight is false, 
(we see a blue sky, allthough it is not blue) 
how do we recognize him, if we know; that what we see; is not the truth. 
                                      life is illusion, illusion is life 
we can not understand things if we have a limited understanding. 
 read Imam´s word because you will find and understand the truth, 
                  so read, learn, listen and get others to listen 
                                     ( Kalame Mawla) 
                             Kalame Maula=Imam´s word 
then you will know the blessings we have from him; 
                                         being able to find back to him 
                                                  (assal me wassel) 
   And that is what makes things so wonderful. 

  hakim from germany 

Faith is for the Believers 
By: Nadyabanu Hasham 

Faith is for the believers 
For those who have the might to feel 
Beyond what is seen and heard 
Deeper than what may seem so real 
Faith is for the believers 

It need not be proven by science 
Nor answer all inquiries 
But be trusted with pure reliance 
Faith is for the believers 
For those who yearn for more 
Not for any selfish gain 
But to feed their inner core 
Faith is for the believers 
Who see themselves and say 
That the Almighty's creations 
Are made of molded clay 
Those who question Allah's presence 
Fight an endless battle and grieve 
Allah once revealed, 
"those who have lost their selves, they will not believe." 

        "Ali Ali Ali" 
By Imtiaz Rhemtulla, 

Composed on Thursday November 28, 1996 online. 

There is no Light but the Light of Hazrat Ali 
In Rose and Bramble Bush 
From mountain tops to valley floors, 
In dark caverns and in sunlit shores, 
On ocean waves and in riverbeds where salmon spawn, 
Listen, listen, you will hear the universe talk . . . 
Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah 
And you will hear the sun and moon in shameful tones 
Respond with joyful meekness, 
"Yes! Subhan Allah and Ya Allah and Ya Ali too, 
All is You All is You All is You 
And in lions' lairs and in little birds' nests, 
You will hear, if you silence keep, 
The sound of prayer and the chants of joy 
"Ali Ali Ali"


A piece from Nasir Khusraw's Divan  

I chose the Qur'an and the faith of Muhammad, 
for that is the choice that was made by Muhammad. 
I'm certain by faithfully following these, 
my certitude will be like that of Muhammad. 

My key for the heavens, my guide to delight, 
my fortified castle: the faith of Muhammad! 
Muhammad is sent as God's prophet to us: 
thus is the imprint of the seal of Muhammad. 

The faith, the Qur'an - they are fixed in my heart 
just as they were fixed in the heart of Muhammad. 
My hope is to be - by the grace of the Lord - 
the lowliest one in the folk of Muhammad. 

In the ocean of faith you see, the Qur'an 
Is the most precious pearl in the hand of Muhammad. 
As every kind has a treasure concealed, 
thus is the Qur'an: treasure trove of Muhammad! 

Now look at the jewel that sits on this treasure! 
Whom do you consider the trustee of Muhammad? 
His followers find yonder jewel of faith 
from nobody else but the sons of Muhammad. 

Muhammad entrusted his treasure and goods 
to one person, worthy and close to Muhammad. 
Who was such a close friend? He whose dear wife 
was none but the darling black-eyed, of Muhammad. 

From this darling child and that cousin(Ali) appeared 
Hasan and Husayn, letters close to Muhammad. 
I know certainly this: Hasan and Husayn 
are jasmine and rose in both worlds, of Muhammad. 

Where could such a rose and such a jasmine appear 
in both worlds but out of the soil of Muhammad! 
I don't dare select any one among men 
above these two sons, lovely sons of Muhammad; 

I would be ashamed of the frown of Muhammad! 
The sword of pure Haydar, the mighty Qur'an 
are cornerstones of the strong faith of Muhammad, 
for he stood as master and with Dhu'l-fiqar 
in every fight to the right of Muhammad. 

Since 'Ali's sword helped the mighty Qur'an; 
'Ali was the helper, no doubt, for Muhammad. 
As Aaron to Moses, so was 'Ali in rank 
A partner in faith and close to Muhammad. 

On Doomsday both Moses and Aaron will kiss 
the mantle of 'Ali, the hem of Muhammad. 
Muhammad's religion resembled a thicket; 
The lion: 'Ali, in the woods of Muhammad. 

Muhammad said: 'Go, and seek wisdom in China!' 
I went to that China, the land of Muhammad. 
I heard from the heir of the Prophet such words 
which were like the honey, so sweet, of Muhammad! 

Nasir Khusraw here, is talking about the Imam of the time

Salam 'Alaykum. Ya 'Ali Madad.  Sister Nina, I have enclosed my attempt at poetry in Arabic with transliteration and  translation for Imam Karim Husayn's Birthday: Marking the Anniversary of the first dawning of Hadhrat Imam Karim Husayn:
Al-hamdulillah ja'il al-imamah fi'l-ardhi wa an-nur fiyhi 
saba an-nur al-diya li-uluw muminuin 
al-dhiy al-diya wa yahamduwa al-imam 
al-dhiy al-diya dhalika ash-shamsu min uluw la mushirikun 
al-dhiy al-diya dhalika al-imam min uluw mushukarun 
Praise be to Allah. He has placed a guide in the earth and a light within it 
The light dawning in irradiation to the people of faith. 
This brilliant aurora spectral, they are giving praise to Allah 
This brilliant aurora spectral, this is the sun, not of those who join  
partners to Allah. 
This brilliant aurora spectral, this is the guide of those who praise Allah.
Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah 

Khuda Hafiz,

'Ali-Mikail Carron

O Vast Universe...
By Nizar Esmail (written on the occasion of Silver Jubilee)
O vast universe 
From the depths of time 
On the holy night of Light 
Of thirteenth December thirty-six 
You sparked the birth of the Flawless Soul 
Prince Karim who came like the Brilliant Star 
Which illuminates the heavens and the earth 
With resplendent Light of the Spirit 
Perfected on earth by Hazrat Ali's Nass on eleventh July fifty-seven 
Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Husayni The forty-ninth Imam 
Sat on Cosmic Throne 
O vast universe His face is oval-shaped 
Like a pearl from heaven 
Sparkling white and bright 
Light which streaks and stimulates the world 
Making it pulsate like the great festival 
Celebrated with joy and love by his Murids 
On eleventh July nineteen eighty-two 
The earth shone with such alluring radiance 
That even the Archangels in glory decended
                                  For the Silver Jubilee of Mowlana Hazar Imam

By Mir Baiz Khan
Marhaban marhaban ya abid al-Imam 
Marhaban marhaban ya Khadhimi-l-Imam 

Marhaban marhaban ya tabi il-Imam 
Marhaban marhaban ya muqarrabun min al-Imam 

Ta'yid al-Imama ma akum 
Qulub al-Jama a ma akum 

Ya ashab al-da-wa fi asr jadid 
Hidayat al-Imam ma akum 

Ya qa idi askari-l-Imam 
Alam al-Imama wa huda-l-Imama ma akum

Welcome, welcome O servants of the Imam 
Welcome, welcome O servants of the Imam 

Welcome, welcome O followers of the Imam 
Welcome, welcome O workers of the Imam 

The grace of the Imam is with you 
The hearts of the Jamat are with you 

O people of the da'wa in this age 
The guidance of the Imam is with you 

O commanders of the army of the Imam 
The flag and guidance of the Imam are with you

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