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Learn a few words of Arabic today!
Falconry is a traditional Arabic sport
Learn a few words of Arabic today! 
Welcome  ahlan wasahlan
Greetings  a-salaam alaikum
How are you?  keef halak?
I am fine  al ham dulillah (All praise is to Allah)
Sorry  aff wan
No problem  mafi mushkil
My name is (Karim)  isme (Karim)
What is your name?  shu ismak?
Thank you  shukran
How much is that?  kem hadha?
Where is (the airport)  wain hadha airport?
The food is good!  el ta'aam shahi!
This web site is good!  hadhi el ma-ha-ta mumtazih!
Good bye  mah asalaamah

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