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Who is the Intercessor
Prophet Muhammad (peace b.u.h.)
"We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a mercy for all the nations" Quran 21:107
Quran 49:3
"He has ordained for men the faith He has revealed to you and formerly enjoined on Noah and Abraham, on Moses and Jesus, saying: "Observe this Faith and be united in it" Quran 42:13 (The Faith is Islam! - Submission to the Will of God)

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Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib
La fata illa Ali, la saif illa Zulfikar (audio) - There is no hero except Ali, there is no sword except his sword Zulfikar
"O Messenger (Prophet), deliver to the people what has been revealed to you from your Lord and if you do not do so then you will not have delivered His message and Allah will protect you from the people. For God does not guide those who reject Faith." Ya 'ayyuhar Rasoolu ballig maa unzila ilayka mir-Rabbik. Wa illam taf'al famaa ballagta Risaa latah. Wallaahu ya'simuka minan naas. Innal'laaha laa yahdilqawmal kaafiriin. Quran 5:67

The foregoing verse was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in 632 AC, before he called a halt at Ghadir Khumm (link), 3 months before his demise. The Prophet thence declared "'Man Kuntu Mawlahu fa haza Aliyun Mawlahu' - 'He of whomever I am the Master-Lord (Mawla), Ali is his Master-Lord (Mawla).

Prophet Muhammad had been discoursing all the other revelations among the muslims regarding the tenets and practice of the faith and about material life, and what could this verse of surpassing urgency mean and why was he admonished that if he did not reveal that message then his mission would be unfulfilled! Why had he been warned so strongly by Allah to deliver the message right away. According to Shia Muslim tradition, Prophet Muhammad had been apprehensive about declaring his own son-in-law and cousin Ali ibn Abu Talib, as his spiritual (Amirul Momineen, Commander of the believers) and secular (Caliph, King) heir, for fear that it would divide the nascent muslim community and in the above revelation God reassures him.
Prophet Muhammad felt great relief upon accomplishment of his mission and thereupon received the final revelation:

"This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion" Quran 5:3

Several verses in the Quran speak about the Light of God and Rope of Imamat which is a continuous chain since Hazrat Adam, through all the Prophets including, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and after him through the hereditary Imams. For further knowledge, refer to The Religion of My Ancestors by Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III click here

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Panj Tan Pak - The Five Purified

Muhammad, his daughter Fatima, his son-in-law Ali, his two grandsons (the Panj Tan Paak), and some Christians at the Mubahia, a well known historical event. Quran Ayat: Ahlul Bayt 33:33
Verily, God intends to keep off from you (every kind of filth), "O' ye The
     People of The House (Ahlul Bayt), and purify you with a thorough purification.
Hazrat Bibi Fatima Zahra Links

The unbroken lineal chain of 49 hereditary Imams descended from Prophet Muhammad upon whom be peace

"Say [Prophet Muhammad]: this is my Path, I call [others] to Allah with sure knowledge, I and whosever follows after me. To Allah be glory! And I am not among the idolaters." Quran, Chapter Joseph (Yusuf) 12:108

History of the Imams, hereditary decendants of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)

"Every Imam possesses the knowledge which is the base of the Faith of Monotheism. This knowledge is transfered from one Imam to the other, Light-upon-Light (Nooran-ala-Noor) until the Day of Resurrection as it is stated in Quran:
"Seest thou not how Allah coineth a similitude a goodly saying as a goodly tree, its root set firm, its branches stretching into Heaven, Giving its fruits at every season, by permission of its Lord, Allah coineth the similitude for mankind in order that they may reflect" Quran 14:24, 25" by Dr. S.K. Hamawi

Introduction to Ismailism

48th Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan III

"The present condition of mankind offers surely, with all its dangers and all its challenges, a chance too - a chance of establishing not just material peace among nations but that better peace of God on earth. In that endeavour Islam can play its valuable, constructive part, and the Islamic world can be a strong and stabilizing factor provided it is really understood and its spiritual and moral power recognized and respected."

Aga Khan III's contribution to Muslim life and other links

"O ye who believe, obey Allah, and obey the Apostle (Prophet Muhammad) and the holders of authority from amongst you (Ulil Amr Minkum i.e. the Imams of the Time)"
Ya ayuhaa lazeena aamanoo, ati Ullah, wa ati Urasool, wa Ulil Amr Minkum The Quran 4:59 Sura Nisa

Imam of the Age Imam-e-Zaman, 49th Imam

His Highness Shah Karim Al Husayni Aga Khan
Quran 36:12 Sura Yaseen: "And we have vested everything in the Manifest Imam" - Wa kulla shay'in ahsaynahu fi Imami'm Mubin

Listen to Sura Yaseen Real Audio

     That is of which God Give the glad tidings unto His servants who believe and
     do good deeds; Say thou ('O' Apostle Muhammad!) " I demand not of you any
     recompense for it (the toils of apostleship) save THE LOVE OF (MY)
     RELATIVES (Ahlul Bayt, Itrat) (Quran 62:23).

Surat al Asr (The Age, The Time)
Listen to Al- Asr Real Audio
Aga Khan Bio at Brown University
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Foundation Ceremony of the Ismaili Center in Portugal
Aga Khan receives the Key to Lisbon
40 years of Glorious Imamat Aga Khan's Timeline (even the activities and travel of just one year will make your mind reel!) 

Aga Khan's contribution to humanity and more links

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