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The Legacy of Islam
Islamic Calligraphy

Muslims have contributed a great deal to the technological evolution of the world, it's language and knowledge, it's culture, architecture and especially in Science. In the "Legacy of Islam" section of my web, I will attempt to showcase Islam's contribution and would like to begin by

The Contribution of Islam to Western Linguistics

"I have to deplore the systematic manner in which the literature of Europe has continued to put out of sight our obligations to the Muhammadans. Surely they cannot be much longer hidden. Injustice founded on religious rancour and national conceit cannot be perpetuated forever. The Arab has left his intellectual impress on Europe. He has indelibly written it on the heavens as any one may see who reads the names of the stars on a common celestial globe."

John William Draper in the "Intellectual Development of Europe"

Muslim Personalities
Ismaili Muslim Heroes
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Muslim Scientists and Astronomers
Famous Scientists

Scientific Terms & Vocabulary

Did you know that the first University in the world was established a thousand years ago in Cairo, the famous Al Azhar, by the Fatimid Caliphs who were the Imams decended directly from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.). The concepts developed by the Muslim astronomers and scientists were widely studied in Europe and became the foundation of modern astronomy and science.

I have hurried to get this section up, but will follow up on collages and pictures of the famous personalities of Islam featured below, whom the literature of the West had chosen to ignore. I am happy to say that this situation is changing fast as Historians realize the injustice done to Islam's contribution. They have discovered that the gap of learning during the dark ages and the subsequent "Rennaissance" was ignited by the Muslim torchbearers who kept the flame of knowledge alive by their contribution to the scientific method, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, optics, chemistry, biology and of course poetry, calligraphy and architecture.

In the coming weeks I'll attempt to build upon each of the categories and build a "web" of Islam's contribution to technology.

Famous Muslim Scientists
English/Latin Name Latinized/English Name
Jabir Ibn Haiyan Geber
Al-Khawarizmi Algorism, Algorithm
Al-Kindi Alkindus
Al-Battani Albategnius
Al-Farghani Al-Fraganus
Al-Razi Rhazes
Al-Farabi Al-Pharabius
Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahravi Albucasis
Al-Haitham Alhazen
Abu Al-Hasan Al-Mawardi Alboacen
Ibn Sina Avicenna
Ibn Zuhr Avenzoar
Ibn Rushd Averroes
Al-Zarqali Arzachel
Al-Bitruji Alpetragius
Al-Sufi Azophi
Ibn Bajah Avempace
Ali Abbas Hale Abbas
Did you know that most of the Names of Stars in European languages have an Arabic origin
English/Latin Name Arabic Name
Achernar Akhir al-Nahr
Acrab Aqrab (Scorpion)
Phurked farqad (calf)
Altair Nasr al-Tair
Aldebaran ad-Dabaran
Daneb Dhanab al-Dujajah
Denebola Dhanab al-Asad
Fomal Haut Famm al-Hut
Aega Nasr al-Waqi
Mathematical Vocabulary
English/Latin Name Arabic Name
Algebra  al-Jabr
Algorism, Algorithm Al-Khawarizmi
Zenith  Cenit
Nadir  Nadir, Nazir
Atlas Atlas
Azimuth Al-sumut
Cipher, Zero Sifr
Medical Terms
English/Latin Name Arabic Name
Elixir  al-Aksir
Alcohol  al-kohl
Alchemy Al-kimiya
Antimonio, Antimony, Antimun  Antimun, Ithmid
Alcanfor, camphor Kafur
Zircon Azraq
Colliget Al-Kullyat
Anima Kitab al-Nafs
Sufficientia Kitab al-Shifa
Names in Chemistry and Other Frequently Used Words
English/Latin Name Arabic Name
Admiral Amir-ul Bahr
Earth Ardh, Earz
Alembic Alembic
Adobe Al-tub
Alkali Alkali
Alcove Al-qubba
Alum Alum
Aludel Aludel
Monsoon Mawsim
Athomor Athomor
Azymum Azymum
Cinnabar Cinnabar
Magazine Makhazin
Rice Ruzz
Coffee Qahwa
Banana Banana
Lemon Limun
Orange Naranj
Sugar Sukkar
Syrup Shurb, Sharab
Artichoke Al-Kharshuf
Jasmine Yasmin
Musk Musk
Safron Za'faran
Amber Anbar
Cotton Qutun
Cable Habl
Safari Safara
Lute Al-'ud
Canon Qanun
Cipher Sifr
Tutia Tutia
Usefur Usefur
Ziniar Ziniar
Anatomical Terms
English/Latin Name Arabic Name
Aorta Avarta
Pancreas Bankras
Colon Colon
Cornea Cornea
Corn Corn
Basilie Baslik
Epidemis Aghadidus
Cephallie Kifal
Sephenous Safan
Diaphragm Dayafergma
Menniges Mennigies
Mesentry Masarike
Peritoneum Baratene
Trochanter Tracanter

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