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Aga Khan Gives a Grand Wedding Reception at Aiglemont
King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince Wilhelm Alexander of Holland with His Highness the Aga Khan and Begum Inaara

Here is a loose translation (help! my French is rusty) of the article from Paris Match

At Chantilly, the Aga Khan's Ball for His New Begum

It was in an enchanted forest, planted with silver plated birches, under an immense dark blue tent sprinkled with a constellation of stars, adjacent to the chateau, in the vast grounds of Aiglemont, that Karim Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Moslem community, surrounded by all his family, officially presented his new wife, on October 2, to their 700 invited guests.

Begum Inaara, a German Princess, had already converted to Islam the day of her marriage, in May.

Last Friday, the couple received 34 Royalties, 14 heriditary Princes, 23 Ambassadors and impressive personalities ranging from Shiekh Yamani to Lord Bettencourt.

After the dinner buffet featuring Italian, Moroccan, European and Iranian delicacies, a troop of the maitre d'hotel, dressed in green with a red collar, with armorial bearings and Aga Khan's colors distributed on behalf of the hosts, sumptuous jewel cases containing a poudrier and a spray vaporizer, silver for the women, the reveils gilted in steel, and gold for the men. There was then a round of fireworks.

Madame Jacques Chirac, His Highness the Aga Khan and the Imperatrice Farah Pahlavi At the sound of the orchestra, Karim, radiant, opened the ball with the Begum at his side. He also danced with his daughter, the Princess Zahra, before joining his prestigious invitees. Among them were comrades from college, very old friends, in particular Sir Edward Heath, former British Prime Minister, and the widow of the ambassador of France to London, Martine de Courcel, who reigned the British capital at the time when the young Aga Khan was one of the celebrated personalities of Europe. The Prince had a cordial word for each one of his guests.

Isn,t this the true nobleness of heart!

- Caroline Pigozzi

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