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Aga Khan Foundation Canada Scholarships
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From: Claude Lalande <clalande@FGSR.LAN.MCGILL.CA>
Organization: McGill University FGSR

Deadline:  February 12, 1999

Forms are available from the Office of Fellowships and Awards, Dawson Hall Room 408.

Claude Lalande
Manager - Admissions, Fellowships and Systems
McGill University
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Telephone: (514) 398-3995
Fax: (514) 398-2626


      Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a non-denominational,
      non-profit international development agency that promotes
      sustainable and equitable social development in low-income
      countries in Asia and Africa. AKFC has a long history of
      providing opportunities for the career development of youth
      through its international development activities.

      The Fellowship in International Development Management (IDM)
      programme, sponsored by AKFC in collaboration with the Canadian
      International Development Agency, is designed to develop skills
      and promote learning for outstanding young Canadians who have a
      desire and an aptitude to work effectively in a global
      environment. The IDM programme is building on ten years of
      success in which more than 100 university graduates have
      received focused study and practical experience that has enabled
      them to pursue leadership positions in their chosen fields. The
      programme, designed as a stepping stone for careers in
      international development, has proven attractive to young
      Canadians from a wide variety of disciplines - including law,
      engineering, journalism, nursing, and business administration -
      wishing to embark on global careers.

      The programme consists of a four-week Management Seminar in
      Ottawa, followed by an eight-month work placement with a
      prominent South Asian non-governmental organization. The
      Management Seminar provides practical training in development
      management, emphasizing an analytical approach, and strategic
      thinking and planning. Practical skills such as financial
      management, resource development, and results-based project
      management are also introduced. In South Asia, participants will
      be placed with organizations working in different aspects of
      development, such as health, education, natural
      resource-management and micro-enterprise development. The
      programme will be held between July 23, 1999 and April 30, 2000.
      Up to twenty fellowships will be awarded for the 1999/2000

      Eligibility Criteria -
      Applicants must:
      1) be Canadian Citizens or landed immigrants;
      2) hold, at minimum, an Honours Bachelor's degree or
      professional designation (Master's degree preferred).

      For an application package, please contact:

      Aga Khan Foundation Canada
      350 Albert Street
      Suite 1820
      Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1A4

      Tel: 613-237-2532 ext. 102
      Fax: 613-567-2532

      Deadline for receipt of applications is February 12, 1999.
Francois Carrier, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Office of International Research
McGill University
3550 University Street
Montreal, Quebec
Tel:      (514) 398-4197
Fax:      (514) 398-6878
E-mail:   fcarrier@fgsr.lan.mcgill.ca
Internet: http://www.mcgill.ca/fgsr/oir/

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Eva Shepherd
Manager, Masters Programs
Faculty of Management
McGill University
Telephone: 514-398-4065
Fax:  514-398-2499

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