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Updated: Jan 21 2002

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Ibrahim and Ismail - Eid ul Adha

Prophet Ibrahim sacrifies his son Ismail
"Ibrahim was of the self-same faith (as Noah) and came to his Lord with a pure heart. He said to his father and to his people, 'What are these that you worship? Would you serve false gods instead of Allah? What do you think of the Lord of the Creation?'

He lifted up his eyes to the stars and said, 'I am sick!' Then, his people turned their backs and went off.

He stole away to their idols and said to them, 'Will you not eat your offerings? Why do you not speak?' With that, he fell upon them, striking them down with his right hand.

The people came running to the scene. 'Would you worship that which you have made with your own hands,' he said, 'when it was Allah who created you and all that you have made?'

They replied, 'Build up a pyre and cast him into the blazing flames.' Thus they schemed against him, but we balked their schemes.

He said, 'I will take refuge with my Lord; he will guide me. Grant me a son, Lord, and let him be a righteous man.'

We gave him news of a gentle son. And when he reached the age when he could work with him his father said to him: "My son, I dreamt that I was sacrificing you. Tell me what you think.'

He replied: 'Father, do as you are bidden. Allah willing, you shall find me faithful.' And when they had both surrendered themselves to Allah's will, and Ibrahim had laid down his son prostrate upon his face, We called out to him saying: 'Ibrahim, you have fulfilled your vision.' Thus did we reward the righteous. That was indeed a bitter test. We ransomed his son with a noble sacrifice and bestowed on him the praise of later generations. 'Peace be on Ibrahim!'

Thus are the righteous rewarded. He was one of Our believing servants.

We gave him Ishak, whom We made a saintly prophet, and blessed them both. Among their offspring were some who did good words and others who clearly sinned against their souls."

  - Quran 37:83 to 37:113

Prophet Ibrahim is the Father of Monotheistic Faiths (Jewish, Christian and Islamic) and was named Khalil'ullah - Friend of Allah for his staunch faith in the Unseen God. He went against his father, Azar, and his community who were idol worshippers and upheld his belief in Tawhid - One God.

To uphold his belief and his dawa of the One God, he did not give in to Nimrud and his people who threatened to throw him into a blazing fire when they were confounded.

"Ibrahim's people replied: 'Kill him! Burn him!' But from the fire Allah delivered him. Surely in this there are signs for true believers." 29:24

"'Fire', We said, 'be cool to Ibrahim and keep him safe." - Qulna ya naru koonee bardan wasalaman AAala Ibraheema - Quran 21:69

Prophet Ibrahim's life is a sign and an example to us. His trust in Allah and willingness to submit to Him with the sacrifice of his dearest possession was a severe trial turned manifest example. If one sees the esoteric view of this series of events, it is readily evident that when Ibrahim was willing to fulfil Allah's command of giving up his dear son, Allah did not really need or want his son as Ismail had been granted to him in old age 11:69-71, - it was a test. And Ismail, by readily agreeing to his father's need to obey the command of Allah, relieved the burden Ibrahim must have felt. Both father and son submitted to the Will of Allah.

Then Allah gives a hundred-fold...

In reality, blood wasn't shed, but life was made even more valuable with the knowledge of Allah's pleasure in their willingness to comply. It is the same with our Dasond and other offerings made in the name of Allah. We are only offering back what was granted to us. After all, we are Ismailis!

This event in history gave birth to Eid-ul Adha - Festival of Sacrifice, where Muslims all over the world remember the tough sacrifice Hazrat Ibrahim had to make and was rewarded by Allah by sparing Ismail and making him an example for us to follow in our lives - when we choose to submit to His will, all ends well.

Eid-ul Adha is celebrated on the 10th of the month of Zul-Hijja after pilgrims complete their Hajj to Kabbah and follow the footsteps of Bibi Hajar when she was left in the valley of Mecca with Ismail by Hazrat Ibrahim. Families and Jamat get together to recite the morning prayers and then there is feasting, exchange of gifts and rejoicing.

I thought it would be helpful, here, to give the Muslim-Christian names of the Prophets believed by the Ahl-e Kitab as I build my web site with more and more stories from the Holy Quran. Quiz to follow soon... If I've missed any, please fill me in.

Prophets of People of the Book - Ahl-e Kitab

Arabic English Equivalent
Adam Adam
Nuh Noah
Ibrahim Abraham
Ismail Ishmael
Ishaq Isaac
Lut Lot
Dawood David
Ayoub Job
Yaqoub Jacob
Sulaiman Solomon
Talut Saul
Uzair Ezra
Yunus Jonah
Yusuf Joseph
Hud Hud
Zul'Kifl Zul'Kifl
Zul'Qarnain Two-Horned -Alexander
Idris Idris
Luqman Luqman
Al Yasha Elisha
Saleh Salih
Shuaib Shoaib
Mousa Moses
Haroun Aaron
Issa Jesus
Yahya John the Baptist
Zakariya Zacharias
Ilyas Elias
Muhammad, Ahmed Mahomed, Praised One


Allah God
Quran Koran
Firoun Pharaoh
Habeel Abel
Hassan Shabur
Hussain Shabir
Imran Amran
Injeel Gospel
Taurat Torah
Zaboor Psalms
Jalut Goliath
Jibreel Gabriel
Qabeel Cain
Hajar Hagar
Juj Gog
Majuj Magog
Maryam Mary
Masjid Mosque
Mikaeel Michael
Misr Egypt
Nasrani Christian
Yahudi Jew
Qarun Korah
Muslim Moslem
Sabah, Bilqees Sheba
Suad Sad
Ad Aad
Khidr Khezr
Iblis Satan
Madyan Midian
Samood Thamoud

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