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Updated: April 9, 2002

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The Story of King Harishchandra and Queen Taara Raani Prince Sadruddin's Collection - A Noble Hunt: Attributable to Muhammad Ali - India 1610-1615
Amar te aayo morey Shaah jeejo eh Mo Allah (Mowla)
By Pir Sadardeen

  I am pleased to present this rendition of a Ginan that is my personal favorite as I have used it many times when I have had encounters with Gafoor regarding attendance in Jamat Khana, etc. He is a modern-day Harishchandra of sorts as he has transported us many times into the Abode, Alhamdulillah!

Here is an audio file of the Ginan, courtesy However, all the verses have not been recited in it, so if any of you have the full recital, I would really like to include it here.

Ejee Amar tey aayo morey Shaah jeejo eh Mo Allah (Mowla)
Hukkam tey motteo eh na jaay hojeerey
Sunneeyo bhaai jee jee eh Mo Allah..(refrain)..................1

The Holy Command has come from our Lord, Mowlana Hazar Imam. This command must not be returned unfulfilled or ignored. Listen O Brother and submit to this Divine Command from our Lord.

Ejee Amar tey seedhaa Paanchey Paandevaa eh Mo Allah
Maataa Kuntaa eh bhaleraa ho jeere
Sunneeyo bhaai jee jee eh Mo Allah.............................2

By obeying the Holy Command of our Lord, the Five Paandvas attained an exalted position, their mother Maataa Kuntaa was also enlightened.

Ejee Amar tey seedhaa Taara Raani Lochanaa eh Mo Allah
Raaja Harishchandra Rohidaas, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai........3

The Holy Command was also obeyed by Queen Taaraa Raani Lochanaa, who attained the exalted state by submission to it, and her husband, King Harishchandra and Prince Rohidaas, (their son) attained salvation as well.

Ejee Harishchandra puchhey Taara Raani Lochanaa eh Mo Allah
Raani muney sapanutar laadho, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai.........4

Harishchandra declares to Taaraa Raani: "O my Queen, I have had a dream".

Here Pir Sadardeen begins to relate the incidence which led to King Harishchandra surrendering himself to the Divine Will. Queen Taara Raani used to go to the place of worship (Jamat Khana) late at night after her husband had gone to sleep. Eventually the King came to know about the queen's secret escapades. One day the King pretended to have gone to sleep while the Queen made preparations to leave the palace.

The queen discarded her precious jewelry and adorned a simple garments. She then went to the stable and took their most beloved horse Hansloh and left for the place of worship (Jamat Khana). The King followed her discreetly as she left and observed the ceremonies she partook and was seen carrying a tray full of food offerings. The King is amazed at all the esoteric rituals and ceremonies that he had witnessed and upon her return, the King carefully questions her by implying a dream he had seen.

Ejee Sapanaa maanhey evaddoon mey jaaniyun eh Mo Allah
Taara Raani Peeyarey padhaariyaa, hojeerey...sunneeyo.......5

In the dream, I saw that you visited your parents house, said Harishchandra.

Ejee Bhal bhaleraa Raajah Baadshah eh Mo Allah
Maarey na koi Peeyar tanno thaam, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai....6

O beloved and majestic King, I have no parents who I can visit, said Taaraa Raani. She was an orphan.

Ejee Khaddag kaaddhee ney Raajah ubhhaa thayaa eh Mo Allah
Raani muney thaal eh dekhaadd, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai.......7

The King took out a dagger, stood up in anger and said, Queen, show me that tray!

The tray contained all the Juras and Sufro (Naandi) - food offerings, that had been distributed at the congregational ceremonies.

Ejee Raani veenovey apanaa Shahjee ney eh Mo Allah
Saami Raajah lajaa raakhannhaar, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai... .8

The Queen, turned to her Lord and invoked a prayer, O my Master, my Lord, You are the preserver of my honor and integrity.

Ejee Laddu beejoraa neepanaa naarangiyun eh Mo Allah
Maa(n)s te neepanaa veeraa dhhraaksh, hojeerey...sunneeyo......9

Then (miraculously), the orange sweets, laddus and beejoraa, in the tray, turned to oranges, and the meat was transformed into red grapes.

Ejee Ghugharee maa(n)hey thi moteeddaa neepanaa eh Mo Allah
Pureeyoon tey naagar velnaa paan, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai.......10

The cooked grams turned into pearls, and the purees (flour fritters) turned into naagar vine leaves.

Ejee Tyaare khaddag meyleeney Raajah beysee gahyaa eh Mo Allah
Raani muney pantth eh dekhaadd, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai......11

After witnessing this miracle, the King put back the dagger and sits down, O Queen, show me this religious Path.

Ejee Bhal bhaleraa Raajah Baadashah eh Mo Allah
Hee panth khanddaa keyree dhaar, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai...12

O beloved and majestic king, this Path is very difficult - it is like the edge of a sharp sword.

Ejee Pahelaa tey deejey kaayaa kallehjah eh Mo Allah
Pachhee deejey peenddee keroh maa(n)s, hojeerey...sunneeyo.....13

This path is very demanding, at first you must give your vital organs (heart & liver), and then you must also be prepared to give up the flesh of your body.

Ejee Daan te deejey ghoddo Hansaloh eh Mo Allah
Ku(n)var te deejey Roheedaas, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai...........14

You will have to sacrifice your favorite horse Hansaloh, and also your (beloved) son, Rohidaas in charity. (Remember Prophet Ibrahim's Sacrifice? - Web Curator's note)

Ejee Ajodhaa nagaree keroh Raajpaath eh Mo Allah
Taara Raani naa shanngaar, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai......15

You will also have to give up the luxury and privileges of your Kingdom of Ajodhaa, as well as the finery and jewelry worn by your beloved Queen Taara Raani.

Ejee Sab kuchh deenu Raajah Baadashah eh Mo Allah
Jeekee huo meenja eh sansaar, hojeerey...sunneeyo bhaai..16

The majestic king submitted to the Divine Will and sacrificed everything. Whatever my destiny is my Kismet, (said the King). He surrendered to God's Will i.e. became a Muslim.

Ejee Pir Sadardeen bolyaa venantee eh Mo Allah
Saami Rajah tu taareeyeh taaranhaar hojeerey..sunneeyo.......17

Pir Sadardeen (composer of this Ginan), is imploring our Lord, Mowlana Hazar Imam - O our Lord, Master you are the grantor of salvation.

This incident of King Harishchandra and Sati (Saint) Taara Raani is mentioned in greater detail in another Ginan by Pir Sadardeen: Sejaaddieh sutoh Raajah nindhraa dharee, Taara Raani orasey rayna paayji - While the King is lying in deep slumber, the Queen Taara Raani attains salvation in the night (117 verses). Another allusion to our early morning Bandagi! - If anyone has this text, please forward it to me, thanks.

Please note that I have used the English rendition by someone else above and made changes according to my understanding and interpretation of this Ginan. Since I'm not a Teacher or a trained Scholar, I would really appreciate receiving alternate views.

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