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All that I did not know about Islam and our Present Imam, I have known from this site. I am also very thankful to a friend of mine, Dr. Hassan Ladhani who had send me this site. Now when ever I am free, I go on and on with this, every time I learn somrthing more and more. Its really great of you do to such a great job. All my wishes and blessings are with you. May God bestow upon you his blessings. Ameen.
Shirin Rajwani <shirin_r@hotmail.com>
Pune, Mah India - Thursday, July 29, 1999 at 03:25:52 (CDT)

excellent work and information
Shahbudin Nathoo <nathoo@idirect.com>
- Thursday, July 29, 1999 at 03:21:27 (CDT)

Dear Nina: LOOKING AT THE LORD:(FANNA FILLA):LIFE IN DEATH: Where are the tidings of union? that I may arise- Forth from the dust I shall rise up to welcome thee!My soul, like homing bird, yearning for paradise, shall arise and soar, from the snares of the world set free.Of life and living, time and mortal span. Pour down,O Lord! from the clouds of thy guiding grace, The rain of mercy that quickeneth on my grave, Before like dust that the wind bears from place to place, I arise.Rise up! let mine eyes delight in thy stately grace! Thou art the goal to which all men's endeavour has pressed, And thou the idol of Poet's worship; thy face From the world and life shall bid him come forth and arise!
H.E. Mohamed <hmohamed@cadvision.com>
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Thursday, July 29, 1999 at 03:20:10 (CDT)

Ya ali madad. I am karim from mumbai , india . I got your e-mail address through a search engine listing . I'd like to request to kindly do a favour for me by providing me with any information about ismailis in new zealand and australia as I'm planning to go there for an mba degree . I would also like to know if there are any jamatkhanas in new zealand ? Could I have the names or e-mail addresses of the mukhisahib or kamadia sahib of the jamathkhanas of new zealand or any anybody else from our jamaat who resides in new zealand . I' d request you to kindly reply as soon as possible as my term begins this september and I would like to have some guidance from our ismailis living there , before i leave for new zealand . Any information in this context will be of immense help to me . - Thanking you , Yours sincerely , Karim "raj shenoy"
Karim <raj_50000@hotmail.com>
Mumbai, India - Tuesday, July 27, 1999 at 09:49:58 (CDT)

Hi Nina: Thnx for taking time and effort to provide us with vital news and info. XLLENT JOB! Bravo, Keep it up! Al-Jiwani
Al Jiwani <aljiwani@pathcom.com>
TORONTO, ONT Canada - Monday, July 26, 1999 at 22:17:43 (CDT)

Very Informative! Keep up with the good work you have been doing.
Hashmani <a.hashmani@webmail.co.za>
Arusha, Tanzania - Monday, July 26, 1999 at 18:40:00 (CDT)

Dear Mr. H.E. Mohamed, A THANK YOU for returning to this GUESTBOOK.. You have walked among us as a spirit, and your shadow has BEEN A LIGHT upon our faces..GO NOT yet AWAY from us. A noontide have you been in our twilight and you have given us dreams to dream..No stranger are you among us nor a guest..but..our dearly beloved..Suffer not yet our eyes to hunger for your face..And OTHERS CAME ALSO and entreated him. This we ask..ere you leave us..that you speak to us and GIVE US OF YOUR TRUTH..And we will give it unto our children and they unto their children and it shall not perish. ..You have watched with our days and in your wakefulness you have listened to the weeping and the laughter of our sleep. Now therefore disclose us to ourselves and TELL US ALL that has been shown you of that which is between birth and death.. Kahlil Gibran
Scherezade <Sheni99@yahoo.com>
Canada - Sunday, July 25, 1999 at 14:24:39 (CDT)

Dear Nina, I am quite mindful and appreciative of difficulty you encounter in maintaining this important column of your Website. Although as a contributor I have some interest in its running; but nevertheless, I have found that this is the most important column or a link to your entire Website. If the same could be revived, I am sure, your Website would once again become as vibrant as before. Best regards. (H.E.)
H.E. Mohamed <hmohamed@cadvision.com>
Edmonton, Canada - Sunday, July 25, 1999 at 00:39:31 (CDT)

Yaa Ali Madad My name is Arif Prasla. I would like to know something that is there anyone made a movie over Hazrat Ali, because my brother and my father told me that they watch the movie about Hazrat Ali but they cannot figure out the name of the movie. By the way, I watched "The message: The story of Islam" a great movie. Please let me know if you know any movie about Hazrat Ali. Thank You and YAA ALI MADAD P.S: You have constructed a beautiful site for all Ismailis and non-ismailis.
Arif Prasla <arifprasla@netscape.net>
- Sunday, July 25, 1999 at 00:37:31 (CDT)

Hi and ya ali madad to all. my namz salman gilani from clifton, karachi, im impressed by this site! lotz of material, ok then bye!
Salman Ghulam Ali Gilani <soulpal@hotmail.com>
karachi, sindh pakistan - Sunday, July 25, 1999 at 00:16:23 (CDT)

awesome site.. keep it up....
Zafrina Dharamsi <boom_80@hotmail.com>
Austin, TX USA - Sunday, July 25, 1999 at 00:06:13 (CDT)

i am glad that i have open this web page. please let me know all the information based on recent activities on hazar imam. i think you are doing the best job.
S Nensey <SNensey@aol.com>
- Friday, July 23, 1999 at 02:32:11 (CDT)

Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some information on this years sports festival that's taking place in Chicago. I live in Richmond, Virginia and I would like to go but I just need some more information. Also, I am interested in using the Ismaili youth chatline. If you know anything about that then please let me know. Thanks.
Samreen <Samreen_Ahsan@vaed.uscourts.gov>
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 23:29:36 (CDT)

In response to Mr. H.E. Mohamed's question: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE, COUNTENANCE; The Qur'an clearly suggests that 'All shall perish save his countenance' In other words..we are here on this earth for just a short passage in eternity..but while we are here we must remember that our purpose or destiny is to do 'good deeds', to help one another..support and love each other every day..to keep the spirit of caring and giving alive..Service to others is the foundation of our faith..and we must always keep that uppermost in our minds..
Scherezade <Sheni99@yahoo.com>
Canada - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 23:21:36 (CDT)

mohdalim murad ali <mohdalim@super.net.pk>
karachi, sindh pakistan - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 04:34:31 (CDT)

Great site!
Imran Bhanji <imranbhanji@yahoo.com>
Dodoma, Tanzania - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 03:43:11 (CDT)

we visited your site were very happy. keep up the good work ali surani. shamim surani.
ali and shamim surani <Aatop123@aol.com>
- Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 03:39:17 (CDT)

Dear Nina: HAS LIFE A PURPOSE? We seem to be driving towards a destination of which we are not aware. We rarely stop to reflect why this should be so. If the long chain of events, that mould life and our reactions towards it were to be viewed under the microscope of the human intellect, it would be observed that the life is an intricate pattern wherein pleasure and pains, joys and sorrows, fulfilments and disappointments have fairly been intervoven. This is the cocktail of life. Has life a purpose? The mystery of life is certainly the most pertinent problem ever placed before the thought of man.
H.E. Mohamed <hmohamed@cadvision.com>
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 23:59:40 (CDT)

YA ALI MADAD great web site It would be very nice if we had comments and interaction with jamats from Tajikistan Afganistan and China. We know so little of these jamats.
karim momin <karim786@gateway.com>
Houston, TX USA - Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 23:50:39 (CDT)

Ya Ali Madat Khushali Mumbarak
FARIDA KASSAM <nish@aztec-net.com>
Mississauga, On Canada - Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 23:47:42 (CDT)

Congrtatulations for creating such an informative web page. I hope that the new generation of Ismailies in Western World as well as elswhere will benefit from this knowledge. I pray for success in your endeavours. I also urge all my Ismaili brothers and sisters who surf the web to go to this site. Ya Ali Madad.
Suchwani <suchwani@ix.netcom.com>
Dubai, UAE - Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 13:24:36 (CDT)

To all my Relatives & Friends: YA-ALI-MADAD and WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY IMAMAT DAY MUBARAK. Dear Friend Altaf Mulani, I am on my way to meet you. Inshallah I will be with you soon by the mid of August. Just wait for me. Cheers and Take care yourself. Love to all.
Akber Wali <akber_wali@yahoo.com>
Dubai, UAE - Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 13:20:42 (CDT)

Hi Nina, I was not able to connect with the Jamat in time for Kushali but I have made contact with them now and will be attending this Sun. Thank you very much for all your help. The Mukhi is in India at the moment and someone from Tokyo saw my message in the guest book and sent me the mumber of his cousin in Seoul. Gosh, this internet stuff really make the world a small place eh. Thanks once again, Zahur
Zahur Karim <zahur_karim@hotmail.com>
Seoul, Korea - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 22:59:48 (CDT)

ya ali madad, Impressed and good wishes from Nizar I Mawani
Nizar I Mawani <nmawani@oanet.com>
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 22:58:22 (CDT)

Dear Nina Jaffer: I tried signing on to your Guestbook but for some reason it wouldn't allow me to create mail. Therefore, I am sending you this e-mail to thank you for all the excellent information provided on the Ismaili Net. I am sure a lot of time and effort goes into creating such a wonderful website. I really appreciate the knowledge that is contained in the articles on philosophical matters. History and Sufi matters are also very rich in knowledge. I have forwarded some of your articles such as: Islam the Religion of my Ancestors, Risala Dar Haqiqati Din as well as history on some of our Dais to my Ismaili friends who were looking to gain knowledge on Ismailism. May Allah bless you with good health and peace for all your efforts. Amen!
Gulshan Visram <gvisram@ryanenergy.com>
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 22:56:38 (CDT)

Dear Brothers/Sisters Ya Ali Madad. I am an Ismaili from Atlanta. We in our household really appreciate the time and efforts that you have put in to make this such a wonderful place to visit on the internet. Keep up the seva and good work. I have heard that you have a site where there is a transliteration of Anant Akhado in English. Please adivise the address of the site. Thanks & Best Regards
Yaqim Lalani <HAPPYINATL@aol.com>
Atlanta, GA USA - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 22:54:41 (CDT)

Dear Nina:OUR JAMATI STRENGTH: One of the great strength of our Jamat is flexibility. History, both Muslim and non-Muslim is studded with examples of societies which have stagnated through failing to adapt to new historical and human trends. Paralysis gained control of the body of these groups through progressive attack on the military, moral, material, social and economic features of these societies. From this gradual paralysis death has invariably ensued, either after longer or shorter periods. The continuous review of history which is being made every day is necessary, so that the processes of adjustment for the bases of our society are brougth uptodate.We are proud that in our community, women have been put on the forefront to share equal burden with men.
H.E. Mohamed <hmohamed@cadvision.com>
Edmonton, Canada - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 22:51:01 (CDT)

excellent web site u got i personally enjoy it.
Sultan Dhukka <usadhukka@aol.com>
Carrollton, TX USA - Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 02:08:26 (CDT)

Awesome Site!!!
Nadeem <handsomehunk@sweetness.com>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Wednesday, July 14, 1999 at 13:01:44 (CDT)

YAM My name is Moez Halani, i am an ismaili from sydney Australia, im 17 years old at the moment. My religious education class has recieved an assignment. And i need information on The Aga Khan Foundation, could please send me any information, or links related to this topic, thank you yours sincerely Moez Halani
Moez Halani <auspak@tig.com.au>
Sydney, Australia - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 23:42:06 (CDT)

Thank you very much for the most informative writing I have found on the Ismaili belief. I consider myself a lost soul. I feel very spiritual but I do not belong to any religion. I find your articles very interesting. However I can not find a listing of the Ismaili prayers. Is it possible for you to tell me where I may find them? In the mean time I will continue searching and reading your web site and again thank you for giving a little light for me on my search to find the correct way to praise Allah. Ed Steiner
Edward Steiner <esteiner@bechtel.com>
- Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 23:39:03 (CDT)

YA ALI MADAD. For all Ismaili brothers and sisters a happy IMAMAT DAY MUBARAK. THANKS.
SHAUKAT LALANI <Zafreen@bellsouth.net>
Riverdale, GA USA - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 23:37:08 (CDT)

Nauroz Dossa
Nauroz Dossa <Thriving@aol.com>
Irving, TX USA - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 23:34:45 (CDT)

Ya Ali Madad, I would like to convey to all Ismailis, IMAMAT DAY KHUSHIALI MUBARAK! May Noor Mowla Hazar Imam, Shah Karim Al-Husseini bless us with health, peace, happiness, and prosperity. Ameen! With warmest regards,
Amshy Mawji <amshy@hotmail.com>
Vancouver, Canada - Monday, July 12, 1999 at 00:33:24 (CDT)

Salaam Allay Kum Wonderful site. Thank you very much for providing the information. We pray to GOD for your betterment. Khudahafiz Zainul
Zainul Abideen Liaqat Husain <z.husain@worldnet.att.net>
- Monday, July 12, 1999 at 00:31:40 (CDT)

Dear Nina,(Sheila Ismail's poem was delightful): POET HAFIZ OF IRAN (1320-89). In "Divan" of Hafiz contains 693 poems. In Iran every other man wrote verses, and kings honored poets next to generals. In Hafiz's time a score of Persian poets won renown from the Mediterrnean to the Ganges and from Yemen to Samarkand. All of them, however,bowed to Shamasu'd-Din Muhammad Hafiz:Sample: "The night was about to fade when, drawn by the perfume of the roses, I went down into the garden to seek,like the nighingale, balm for my fever. In the shadow there gleaned a rose, a rose red as veiled lamp, and I gazed upon its countenance. The rose is lovely because of the face of divine is lovely.In the darkness of the night I sought to unloose my heart from the bonds of they tresses, but I felt the touch of thy cheeks, and I drank of divine's lips."
H.E. Mohamed <hmohamed@cadvision.com>
LYYNWOOD, WA USA - Saturday, July 10, 1999 at 03:41:14 (CDT)

Ya Ali Madad, I was surprized to locate the web site by just entering my own name. Very surprised indeed to know that such an accurate record is kept of ismailies throughout the world. keep it up. thanks
Salim Balolia <salimbalolia@earthlink.net>
LYYNWOOD, WA USA - Saturday, July 10, 1999 at 03:39:58 (CDT)

Khushiali Mubarak
The Hassanali Family <reignentertainment@yahoo.com>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, July 10, 1999 at 03:37:34 (CDT)

Khushiali mubarak to Nina family and all ismailies all over the world DIAMOND DHALLA
DIAMOND G DHALLA <ddhalla@juno.com>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Saturday, July 10, 1999 at 03:33:30 (CDT)

Ya Ali Madat, My name is Zahur Karim and I am a Canadian from Vancouver living in Seoul, Korea for one year. I have not been able to find any information about the Jamat here except for the fact that there is a Jamat here. I called the Ismaili Council for BC and they did not have any information. Could you please forward any information you have to me. My e-mail is: zahur_karim@hotmail.com Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon. I would really like to go to Jamat Khane on Kushaili. Zahur
Zahur Karim <zahur_karim@hotmail.com>
Seoul, Korea - Thursday, July 08, 1999 at 06:29:20 (CDT)

Je vous salue Chers amis. Permettez-moi de me presenter. Je m appelle Artiom Mavlonazarov.J ai 20 ans.Je fais mes etudes a lUniversite Nationale dEtat du Kirghizstan en 4 annee.J etudie le francais depuis 10 ans 6 ans a lecole et 4 ans a lUniversite et le parle assez bien mais je desirerais parfaire encore mes connaissances. En mars de l annee derniere jai gagne le concours Allons en France 98-21-22 Et en juillet moi et le deuxieme laureat de ce concours on a visite la France.Ce sont etaient les 17 jours les plus beaux de ma vie. 556 jeunes reunis dans un meme elan de partage et de fraternite. La France m a beaucoup plu. En septembre-octobre de cette annee j ai lintention de passer 1 mois en France comme le stage. Si quelqu un peut me saluer pour 1 mois a Paris, chez-soij attends impatiemment. En vous remerciant par avance %2C je vous prie d agreer mes meilleurs salutations! Artiom Mavlonazarov.
Artiom Mavlonazarov <rushanies@ucta.kyrnet.kg>
Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan - Thursday, July 08, 1999 at 06:08:46 (CDT)

Dearest Nina, khushiali mumbark to you and all. It was real joy and happiness to hear from Mr.H.E.Mohamed. Thank you. with yam. rrizza & fam.
Marino Rizza <rrizza@hotmail.com>
Sweden - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 15:40:35 (CDT)

Dear Nina: I am indeed flattered and touched by kind words said by a lady browser. ON IMAMAT DAY: We must begin and address ourselves to the great task while tide of hope is high, remembering that the mills of God run slow compared to the impatience of our desires. The finger of destiny beckons us to "start now, immediately, not a day later" for the flux of time does not admit any procrastination. With steadfast faith, let the caravan of our Faith, in its mission of peace and doctrine of service and love, resume the march with uplifted heads in a joint journey with the rest of the human family.
H.E. Mohamed <hmohamed@cadvision.com>
Kawasaki, Tokyo Japan - Monday, July 05, 1999 at 23:20:01 (CDT)

Ya Ali Madad Dear Nina, KHUSHIALI MUBARAK To All the Ismaili Brothers and Sisters All over the World on this Imamat Day. We pray to Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam to keep all the Ismailis all over the world in Good Health, Happiness and Iman Ki Salamati amen amen...Ya Ali Madad!
Mrs. & Mr. Noorallah Mamdani <mamdani@kinet.or.jp>
Kawasaki, Tokyo Japan - Monday, July 05, 1999 at 23:17:27 (CDT)

HAPPY CANADA Day! Let us rejoice and celebrate this day...and remember how fortunate we are to live in a country that embraces cultural diversity. Am an avid fan of Mr. H.E. Mohamed's submissions and have noticed he no longer provides his regular comments..This request goes out to Mr. H.E. Mohamed..PLEASE DO COME BACK and grace us with your PRESENCE AND WISDOM..It is truly appreciated.
Sherezade <sheni99@yahoo.com>
Canada - Sunday, July 04, 1999 at 02:14:20 (CDT)

Ya Ali Madat Nina, khushiali mubarak to all brothers and sisters. I like your site keep on with the great work amen. I would like to share something very special with you, my very first poems. Happiness Happiness is rising each sunrise by your smooth whisper, softly echoing against my haven. Sharing a moment of silence, whilst we viewing the waves cautiously beating above the surface of the divine ocean. Squeezing your hand in mine, strolling under the moonlight surrounded with sparkling stars. Glancing the rouge pearls of the finest bouquet caressing your tender lips. Happiness is drowning in your depth eyes, dazzling with fragrance of exquisite opals the universe ever gave birth to. But most of all, to be enable to love thy divine seraph, Knowing you breathe the same air and walk under the same sun as I. And if you for a slight twinkle could savour my happiness Then only, could we together taste the fruits of heavenly bequest; Love Aphrodite Oh Lord! How privileged I are, For enchanting thy profound creation, a magnum opus from thy kingdom. The eighth wonder is beholden before me, Heavenly garnished within velvet skin, softness comparable to pelage clouds, those bestowed to mankind by thee. Mysteries of seven universes are visualised within her sight, carved into precious crystal, brilliantly glistening as thou eternal lamp. Her sweet angelic laughter received as music singing to my auricle, a magnificent symphony performance with thousands of violins conducted by thee, aria that miraculously provokes every being to shiver of glorious ecstasy. Oh Lord! How obliged I are to thee, For conceding me to perceive the beauty of thy Aphrodite. Hope you enjoy reading them, with Ya Ali madat Sheila Ismail
Sheila Ismail <rrizza@hotmail.com>
Sweden - Sunday, July 04, 1999 at 02:04:27 (CDT)

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