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Updated: June 16, 2007

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Didaar Poems
Quran 4:113 - Infinite is the Grace of Allah towards thee

We are rejoicing at the news of our beloved Imam's visit during the Golden Jubilee. To express the joy we feel, I decided to present a collection of poems on my website. Mubarak!
Ismaili Flag on the Governor's guesthouse - Ottawa, Canada

Message of Prince Sadruddin

"The future of Ismailism depends on those of your ages and mine. Are we to follow the example of those who, in the olden days, in Egypt, in Iran, and in Sind, on different occasions, by faith and devotion, raised the banner of Hazar Imam till the whole world saw its light?

I say yes. For we young men must not fail, where our fathers succeeded so gloriously."

- July 30, 1950

We'll start with the Ismaili Anthem - the Nashid al-Imamah Please also click on the Audio link on that page to listen to this wonderful rendition

The Secret of God
by Rumi

Everywhere the secret of God is coming, see how the people are coming uncontrollably;

From him for whom all souls are a-thirst, to the thirsty the cry of the water carrier is coming.

They are milk drinkers of divine generosity, and are on the watch to see from whence the mother is coming.

They are in separation, and all are waiting to see whence union and encounter are coming.

From Moslems, Jews, and Christians alike every dawn the sound of prayer is coming;

Blessed is that intelligence whose heart's ear from heaven the sound of "Come hither" is coming.

Keep your ear clean of scum, for a voice is coming from heaven;

The defiled ear hears not that sound, only the deserving gets his deserts.

Defile not your eye with human cheek and mole, for that Emperor of eternal life is coming;

And if it has become defiled, wash it with tears, for the cure comes from those tears.

A caravan of sugar has arrived from Egypt; the sound of footfall and bells is coming.

Ha, be silent, for to complete the ode, our speaking King is coming.



Ginan Audio

ejee aa(n)khaladdi joi joi thaakee
     kyaare aave moro shaah
     partak jaannee paae paddun
     vaalaa namee namee karu(n) parnnaam

     mitthaa shaah me(n) samaru(n) tero naam
     yaa shaah samaru(n) me(n) tero naam
     khudaava(n)d me(n) samaru(n) tero naam.......................1

My eyes have become tired continuously watching and waiting, as to when my Mawlaa will arrive. Having known him to be the Manifest, I may bow at His feet, O Beloved, I would pay my respects to You in a bowing manner.

O my sweet Mawlaa! I remember your name. Oh Mawlaa! I remember your name. O God! I remember your name.

ejee baal pannaanee pritddee
     saamee tamsu(n) laageejee
     nehddo laago shaah nur dharse
     so kiyaa jaanne gemaar...mitthaa shaah me(n).................2

My love since my childhood, O Lord, is for You. I am in love with the 'Nur' of the time (Hazar Imam). How can the ignorant know about it. O my sweet Mawlaa!....

ejee sayyad faazal shaah aakhe ventee
     mujse maher karo maherbaan
     karam karoge to sharam rahegee
     ham ba(n)do dosaaree tu taar...mitthaa shaah me(n)...........3

Sayyad Faazal Shah makes the supplication: O Merciful! have mercy upon me. If You shower Your mercy, my honour will be preserved, for I am a sinful creature and You are the Saviour. O my sweet Mawlaa!..


eji satgur aavyaa kaai aapne doovaar
    re aapne kem re karine paaye laagiye hoji.....................1

doovaar - doorstep     paaye laagiye - to bow down at one's feet

The True Guide has come to our doorstep How can we bow down (submit ourselves) to Him?

eji satiye toddyo motiddaa no haar
    re tenaa moti veraanaa chandan chok maa.......................2

sati - pious woman - refers to Satii Emnabai
chandan - sandlewood - also is the name of a "chok"
chok - courtyard or a marketplace

The pious woman broke a pearl necklace The pearls (from the necklace) spread all over the "Chandan chok"

eji moti vinantaa kaai laagi chhe vaar
    re aapne em re kari ne paaye laagiye hoji.....................3

It has taken some time to gather all the pearls This is how (by bending down to collect the beads of pearls),
we can bow down (submit ourselves) to our Lord. The above three verses refer to the incident of Satii Emnabaai intentionally
breaking her necklace, so that she could bow down at the Peer's feet by
pretending to collect the beads from the broken necklace.
She could not bow to the Peer in public.

eji jaajo jaajo samudariyaa ni laher
     re maaraa man naa manelaa moti laavjo hoji...................4

samudar - sea, ocean       laher - wave
man naa manelaa - which are the mind's desires or likes

(The Peer is asking us to) go to the (bottom of the) ocean, past the waves (and the currents), and to bring those pearls
which He desires (for us to have, i.e knowledge and wisdom)

eji moti laavyaa kaai laakho i laakh
    re maaraa man naa manelaa moti nahi malyaa hoji...............5

(The Peer says) hundreds of thousands of pearls were brought,
but the pearls which He desires (for us) were not found Verses 4 & 5 refer to the diving into the ocean of the worldly existence
to obtain the spiritually uplifting benefits (pearls),
and in particular Divine knowledge and wisdom.

eji maakar maakar kaai noograa no sang
    re te to noogare jaaliyo taaro chheddlo hoji..................6

maakar - do not do          noogra - the ones without a Guide
sang - relationship, company   jaaliyo - held
chheddlo - end, border, end part of a "saari"

Do not maintain any meaningful relationship with those who are without a Guide
(do not follow the path of those who have gone astray).
They are clinging by your side in order to lead you astray at the right moment.

eji vaari vaari hiraliyaa ni gaanth
    re te to toote pan re chhoote nahi hoji.......................7

vaari - to tie
hir - a very fine thread of silk; love, divinity
toote - breaks          chhoote - to free, undo

A knot of silk has been tied (in such a way) that the thread may be
broken, but the knot cannot be undone.

eji paaddi paaddi patodde bhaat
    re te to faate pan re fite nahi hoji..........................8

paaddi - to draw
patodde - a silk or wollen cloth worn by women
bhaat - floral design or print
faate - tears out        fite - to erase, to get rid of

A design has been imprinted upon a cloth (in such a way that) the cloth
may tear, but the design will not rub out or fade away. Verses 7 & 8 refer to the deep, solid love which a true momin has for Haazar Imaam
- a love which is never given up, even if one has to die as a result of it.

eji bolyaa bolyaa peer shamsh chott
    re maaraa moman bhaai tame amraa poori paamsho hoji...........9

chott - title of Peer Shamsh. It means one who is at the top. One who is pre-eminent, one who has excelled.
amraa poori - comes from the words "amar"(eternal) and "poori" (abode) - eternal abode

Peer Shamsh continually says: my Momin brothers, you will attain the eternal abode
(if you follow the guidance outlined above).


by Sayyed Imam Begum

ejee satgur miliyaa mune aaj, aana(n)d hu(n) paamee
     satgur miliyaa taare dukhaja ttaalliyaajee
     sarve saariyaa daaseenaa kaaj...aana(n)d.....................1

Today I have found the True Guide and as a result I have attained joy and happiness. When I found the True Guide, all my sorrows vanished. The Lord fulfilled this maid servant's wishes or made her tasks easy.

ejee kaaj daaseenaa sarve saariyaajee
     darshan deeyaa mahaaraaj....aana(n)d.........................2

He fulfilled all the wishes of this maid servant. The Majesty granted the Spiritual Vision.

ejee darshan dekhiyaa man santokhiyaajee
     mahaapad paamee chhu(n) raaj...aana(n)d......................3

When I had this Vision my heart found satisfaction and contentment. As a result, I have attained the kingdom of the most exalted state.

ejee mahaapad keri bhaai vaat chhe nyaareejee
     koi na jaanne e kaaj....aana(n)d.............................4

Matters pertaining to the exalted state are very mysterious. Nobody knows it's reality.

ejee jo jaanne so nar navkha(n)d maanne jee
     ghatto ghatt dekhe mahaaraaj...aana(n)d......................5

The one who knows it, enjoys the nine continents (or heavens). In every heart he sees that Majesty.

ejee ghatto ghatt dekhe taare ek karee lekhe jee
     nar nakla(n)kee  kero raaj...aana(n)d........................6

When he sees every heart he regards all as one entity, and indeed he sees the kingdom of the spotless master (Hazarat Ali).

ejee kahet imaam begum sunno moraa bhaaijee
     alee nabee chhe sirtaaj.........aana(n)d.....................7

Imam Begum says: Listen o my brother! Hazarat Ali and Hazarat Nabi Muhammad(s.a.s.) are our lords.

Sahebji tun more man bhave
by Saiyad Mohamedshah

Ginan Audio

My lord, my heart is fond of you.
I think of no-one else. None else pleases my heart.
My lord, my heart is fond of you.

So readily, my lord, You give me
Whatever I ask of you. You indulge me
In so many ways, my lord.

In all four ages, I went about, Looking hard.
I found none to match you, my lord.
My lord, my heart is fond of you.

Come, come, my maiden friends,
Let us go to view the groom.
He's the one, the beloved I've attained.

He comes to my home, the beloved,
He but for whom a minute is hard to pass.

How should we call him Unhappy - He whose lord
Is one such as this?

How should we find fault with the merciful?
What's written in our karma
Is what we shall have.

Ram and Raheman are but one Deity.
Of this mystery, the fool is quite unaware.

Says Saiyad Mohamadshah, I am bonded to you, my lord.
Leaving you, at what other door am I to knock?

My lord, my heart is fond of you.
I think of no-one else. None else pleases my heart.
My lord, my heart is fond of you.


jire vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa
            Ali mai taa din kee balee haaree
            re vaalaa ghar aa(n)gann maaraa pavitra keedhaa
            moro jeev janam sadhaaree
            re vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa....1

jire vaalaa - dear brothers
balee haaree - offering, sacrifice
sadhaaree(sudhaaree) - improve

Dear brothers, happy and glorious was the momemt when the Saint(Guide) visited me.
I offered sacrifices to Ali on that day. Brothers, this made my house and it's precinct
holy and improved the condition of my soul (elevated it).
Happy was the moment when the Saint (Guide) visited me.

jire vaalaa jaan ajaan bhaye kirataar toh
            saadh sabhaa sukh kaaree
            re vaalaa paaras parshe, lohaa rang palatte
            to jag mag jot ujaaree
            re vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa....2

saadh - enlightened person
sabhaa - gathering; (morning?)

Dear brothers, knowingly and unknowingly, I embraced the Creator. In the company
of the enlightened person I experienced peace and joy (was transformed). Brother this
was in a manner of the philosopher's stone transforming the colour of iron.
The twinkling and flashing of the Light uplifted (enlightened) my mind.
Brother, happy was the moment when the Saint (Guide) visited me.

jire vaalaa adham odhaarann Sant sadhaarann
            par aatmaa upakaaree
            re vaalaa vi(n)dit ved gaae gunn gitaa
            so akall purush avataaree
            re vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa....3

adham(adharmee) - irreligious, impious and sinful person
odhaarann - to liberate
akall - incomprehensible
purush - male personality

Dear brothers, He (the Guide) liberates the ignorant and sinful and improves
the pious saints i.e., He elevates other souls. Brother, this is mentioned in the
sacred literature and the Gita also sings about this virtue. This male personality
(the Imaam) is indeed an incomprehensible manifestation.Brother, happy was
the moment when the Saint (Guide) visited me.

jire vaalaa Sant charann raj sureenar ichhe
            dharam raaha sardhaaree
            re vaalaa naav rupe jug taarann karannaa
            to bhav bhaye bhanjan haaree
            re vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa....4

charann raj - clay at the feet of
dharam rahaa - the path of religion
sardhaaree (sardaaree) - leadership
naav rupe - in the form of a boat
bhav - age, time
bhay - fears, anxieties
bhanjanhaar - remover of, breaker of

Dear brothers, the pious momins desire even the clay at the feet of the Saint(Guide).
He is indeed the leader of the Path of religion. Brother, in the form of a boat He takes
us across the ocean(of material existence) and all the fears and anxieties of the age
are removed under His protection.
Brother, happy was the moment when the Saint(Guide) visited me.

jire vaalaa or upaay nahi hay taran ko
            ye hay taranakee baaree
            re vaalaa chott na laage us Sant ku
            jamaddaa rahyaa jakh maareeyaa
            re vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa....5

or upaay - no other remedy
jakh maareeyaa - to become powerless
jamaddaa - agent of death

Dear brothers, there is no other remedy for the salvation of your souls. This is the only
means of crossing over(the ocean of material existence). The head of the saint is not
burdened by the thoughts of death because the agent of death becomes powerless
against the Light of the Guide which makes the person immortal.
Brother, happy was the moment when the Saint (Guide) visited me.

jire vaalaa hari gunn Sant sadaa sir more
            to jugaa jug sharann sadhaaree
            re vaalaa jaagyaa bhaagye gur soh dev bhettyaa
            to sayyed muhammed shaah karaaree
            re vaalaa dhan re ghaddee jo din Sant padhaaryaa....6

Dear brothers, the saintly person always bows his head (in aknowledgement) of the
praises of the Lord. This self surrender to the higher will improves until immortality is
achieved. Brothers, this happens when good fortune arises and you are embraced by
the Light of Peer Sadardeen (the Guide). This is a (timeless) promise given by Sayyed Mohammed Shaah.
Brother, happy was the moment when the Saint (Guide) visited me.

Ginan Audio

"Ali Ali Ali"

By Imtiaz Rhemtulla, 

Composed on Thursday November 28, 1996 online. 

There is no Light but the Light of Hazrat Ali 
In Rose and Bramble Bush 
From mountain tops to valley floors, 
In dark caverns and in sunlit shores, 
On ocean waves and in riverbeds where salmon spawn, 
Listen, listen, you will hear the universe talk . . . 
Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah 
And you will hear the sun and moon in shameful tones 
Respond with joyful meekness, 
"Yes! Subhan Allah and Ya Allah and Ya Ali too, 
All is You All is You All is You 
And in lions' lairs and in little birds' nests, 
You will hear, if you silence keep, 
The sound of prayer and the chants of joy 
"Ali Ali Ali"

Forever Dance
by Hafiz

I am happy even before I have a reason

I am full of Light even before the sky
Can greet the sun or the moon.

Dear companions,
We have been in love with God
For so very, very long.

What can Hafiz now do but Forever

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