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Updated: July 5 2005

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Imamat Day July 11, 2004 - 47th Anniversary
Saheb-e Zamaan by Hafiz 
Just as a normal man can climb 

A high mountain 

And on a clear day 

See for many miles all around, 

Hafiz can stand on a blessed peak 

Inside his heart 

And see for hundreds of years 

In all directions. 

And I tell you, dear ones, 

That the Saheb-e Zamaan (Lord of the Age) 

The Christ, 

The Prophet, 

The Ancient One, 

He has made a date to Whirl, 

To Whirl 

With this Earth again! 
Toronto June 2004 - His Highness the Aga Khan conferred Doctor of Laws Degree at University of Toronto - Photo credit Heritage Society
Imamat Day Mubarak Everyone!

Dance, Dervish Dance by Hafiz

Dance, Dervish dance--
Bring the Face of God before you

Only love can lift the heart up so high
That its true Color is restored by the Sun!
See Him near and clapping,
That Perfect One who fathers Divine Rhythm.

O dance, Dervish Dance
And know you bring your Master happiness
Whenever you smile.

Last night,
So many tears took flight because of Joy
That the sky got crowded and complained
When I discovered God hiding again in my heart
And I could not cease to celebrate.

O dance, Hafiz, dance
Write a thousand luminous secrets
Upon the wall of Existence
So that even a blind man will know
Where we are,
And join us in this Love!

Dance, Dervish dance--
Bring the Face,
O bring the Face of your Beloved
Before you!

Imamat Day Mubarak Everyone!

"O Prophet! Truly have we sent thee as a witness, a bearer of glad tidings and a warner and as one who invites to Allah's grace by His leave and as a lamp spreading light. Quran 33:45,46

Imamat Day Celebrations are going on all over the Shia Ismaili Muslim world as the Murids (believers) celebrate the Grace that the Lord has bestowed on us! I'll be dancing, er whirling, with my family and the Jamaat, as every year! If you browse through my Imamat Day pages of the past eight years, it is readily evident that the Quranic verses and the guidance of the Living Imam has influenced the Murids to compose beautiful poetry to express their devotion. We are lucky to have access to this wonderful treasury over the 14-century period where Ismailis from various parts of the world have composed these pieces in their vernacular but the message is the same. That they are trying to merit the Grace from the Lord by staying on the Siraat-al Mustaqeem (right path).

Besides the celebratory aspects of this auspicious day, we as Ismailis, should reflect on the magnamity of this Favor, the Grace, since we have taken the Baiyah (oath of allegiance) at his hand which is equivalent to having taken the oath at the Hand of Allah, (Quran 48:10) and resolve to act upon the guidance of Mowlana Hazar Imam (the Lord of the Age).

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