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"We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a mercy for all the nations" Quran 21:107

Quran 49:3

"He has ordained for men the faith He has revealed to you and formerly enjoined on Noah and Abraham, on Moses and Jesus, saying: "Observe this Faith and be united in it" Quran 42:13 (The Faith is Islam! - Submission to the Will of God)

Ali Asani Interviewed on Radio PRI/WGBH

Islam Interview (audio) -- The Crown Prince of Bahrain today called last week's attack on America the opening shot in a war against modernity -- a war in which the Arab world and Islam will line up on the side of civilized values. Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, said "Islam is not the narrow interpretation of Osama bin Laden." For the past week, we've been hearing a range of Muslim leaders, claiming to speak the true language of Islam. They can't all be right. Ali Asani is professor of the practice of Indo-Muslim Languages and Culture at Harvard University.The Crown Prince is suggesting that Osama bin Laden does not represent the Arabic world and does not represent Islam... How much of the Islamic World does he speak for? (5:29)

Islam Interview (audio)

Source: THE WORLD September 17, 2001

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