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His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illayhi Rajeoon - From God we have come and unto Him is our return
His Majesty King Hussein is laid to rest
Monday, February 8

           The funeral of King Hussein today brought together kings, presidents and dignitaries from more  than 50 nations, as well as approximately one million Jordanian mourners, to bid their final farewell. His Majesty made his last journey through the streets of Amman on a flower bedecked carriage from his home, Bab al-Salaam, to his final place of resting in the Royal Tombs of the Royal Hashemite Court, which also holds the graves of his grandfather King Abdullah, his father King Talal, and mother Queen Zein.

World leaders gather to pay their respects

           Heads of state and foreign dignitaries from more than fifty countries paid their respects to His Majesty individually in the Throne Room of Raghadan Palace. After giving condolences to King Abdullah bin al-Hussein, all the leaders walked with the Jordanian royal family in a procession behind the coffin, through the Royal Court compound to the Hamzeh bin Abdul Mutalib Mosque.There, the Muslim leaders offered prayers for King Hussein. The entire procession then walked to the burial site in the Royal Tombs, where they waited outside while His Majesty was laid in his final resting place. The assembled dignitaries then gave condolences to King Abdullah bin al-Hussein and Princes of the Royal Hashemite family.

Mowlana Hazar Imam Pays Respects to the Royal Hashemite family

Ya Ali Madad Everyone!

I had the pleasure to see Mowlana Hazar Imam with Prince Hussain and Shafique Sachedina on CNN coverage of the funeral, assembled with the other dignitaries outside the Raghadan Palace before the final burial rites.

What a thrill! Alhamdulillah!

When the final prayers were offered at the site in Arabic, prayers for Ahl al Bait were
offered, to which I said, "Ameen"!

His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal was the longest serving executive head of state in the world. Of great significance to Muslims throughout the world, King Hussein was also the forty-second generation direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad decended from Hazrat Ali's elder son, Hazrat Hassan.

As you know, Mowlana Hazar Imam is the direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad from Hazrat Ali's younger son, Imam Hussein. (Salwaat)

The common ancestor Hashem (thus Hashemite) was the son of Abd Manaf and father of Abdal Mutalib, who had four sons: Abdullah (Prophet Muhammad's father), Abu Talib (Hazrat Ali and Jaffer's father), Hamza (the great warrior of Islam who helped Prophet Muhammad and Hazrat Ali in the early days of Islam), and Abbas (grandfather of the Abbasides).

I hope you liked the history lesson!

The following is the official news release from Aiglemont.


Nina Jaffer

Secrétariat de Son Altesse l'Aga Khan

Gouvieux, France



Gouvieux, France, 8th February, 1999*

His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam
(spiritual leader) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims will attend the State
Funeral of His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan.  The Aga Khan will be
accompanied by his wife, Her Highness the Begum Aga Khan, the Aga Khan's
daughter, Princess Zahra and his younger son, Prince Hussain.

In an earlier message of condolence, the Aga Khan, whose close friendship
with King Hussein goes back several decades, said "Muslims and non-Muslims
alike mourn the passing of a great sovereign and a truly courageous man,
whose accomplishments will mark history, and whose example in Islam should
be universally emulated."

"For his unique and courageous role in seeking and maintaining peace in the
region, His Majesty was held in the highest esteem by all, from world
leaders to the poorest and the humblest.  He was beloved and respected by
the Jordanian people for his wise and compassionate leadership" the Aga
Khan wrote in a message to His Majesty King Abdullah.

In addition to the long-standing personal friendship that the Aga Khan and
his family share with the Royal House of Jordan, the Aga Khan and King
Hussein have, over the years, joined together in efforts to revitalise and
promote wider and deeper understanding of Islam's cultural and intellectual
heritage. King Hussein opened the Seminar held by the Aga Khan Award for
Architecture in Amman in 1980 and members of the Jordanian Royal Family
have presided at and attended events held under the auspices of the Aga
Khan Trust for Culture during the 1980s and 1990s.

Queen Noor Mourns Beloved Husband Begum Inaara among the dignitaries offering condolence
The US Delegation Remarks I especially liked President Carter's story and President Clinton's words
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